Sweet Sweat Skipping Rope

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Sweet Sweat Skipping Rope

Don’t have to waste your time going back and forth to the gym to get a great workout. An hour of skipping rope can burn up to 720 calories! And unlike cycling, running or aimlessly pounding away on the cross trainer the jump rope improves coordination drastically- the development of coordination is forever ongoing too.

A study done at Murray State University in Kentucky, has done experiments showing that about the same level of fitness is achieved with 10 minutes of skipping as with 30 min of jogging

Jump rope provides a full body workout Your legs are under constant load, and your core is used to stabilize your physique through the duration of the exercise. Plus, your upper shoulders and arms are worked constantly to maintain an adequate rate of swing.

If you want a quick summary of all the ways you may potentially benefit from skipping rope, here you go:
• Improves stamina and coordination
• Improves circulation and helps strengthen your heart
• Activates muscles and nerves in both the upper and lower parts of your body
• Increase your vertical jump and sprinting speed

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1) Looking for the perfect exercise? Jumping rope is a full body workout that improves coordination, circulation and agility. Studies have shown that 10min of skipping rope is equivalent to 30min. of jogging.